Amazon Style, Amazon’s brick-and-mortar clothing store, has been opened in the Los Angeles area at The Americana at Brand mall.  It joins Whole Foods, Amazon Go, and Amazon Fresh as new physical locations for Amazon. Amazon Style will sell clothing from Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, and other brands.  Amazon Style is outfitted with technology that is intended to improve the shopping experience and eliminate unnecessary steps.

Each piece of clothing inside the store has a QR code that customers can scan to create a list of items to try on in a fitting room or send directly to pick up for purchase, eliminating the need to carry a large number of items. Another feature is that customers can select clothing on, have it delivered to the store to try on, and return an item right there if it isn’t to their liking.  When you visit the store, employees will gather the clothes for the fitting room and notify you when they are ready for you to try on. Each fitting room also has a touchscreen monitor where customers can ask for more items to try on and/or rate their chosen items as they go. Customers can pay their bill with their Amazon account at the checkout.

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