360° Degree Biz Consulting team has successfully completed a Business plan and Feasibility study for Myanmar-based precast concrete products manufacturing start-up.  360° has been able to explore a good market opportunity in Myanmar for the entrepreneur through its intensive market research and strong financial modelling.

Precast construction also known as off-site construction, industrialized construction, or prefabrication, is one of the fastest-growing segments in the construction industry.  Precast construction can speed up the construction by as much as 50% and can cut costs by 20% in the right environment and trade-offs.   The best part of precast technology is that it not only speeds up the construction work but also enhances the quality of the final output. Other unique features of precast include structural stability, flexibility, wastage control, less manpower requirement, low maintenance, greater seismic resistance, quick turnover of money, and universal applications.

Since precast concrete undergoes various tests in the precast factory by Quality Assurance technicians, the quality level of precast concrete is boosted, ensuring it is of the highest standard. Overall construction time is reduced since construction continues immediately after the precast elements are delivered to the site. Precast concrete is suitable for light, medium and heavy construction since necessary modifications can be made when preparing the mixture at the plant. One of the primary benefits of using precast concrete is that it eliminates clutter and unnecessary materials that would otherwise clog the construction site. Precast concrete is manufactured using environmentally friendly procedures, making it both short and long-term sustainable.

Apart from the above precast industry, 360° has performed market research on similar emerging industries like Hydraulic Fracturing, Ecommerce, Greenfield start-ups, etc. 360°’s market research & feasibility study includes GTM (go-to-market), a promotional strategy backed by demographic, psychographic and competition analysis.

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