The COVID-19 pandemic has hugely driven the people, organizations, and governments towards digitalization and digital platforms. We are all struggling to address the causes of disruptions in life, society, and business. Though pandemic is a disaster for many people, the positive impact of Covid-19 on digital transformation can very well be seen globally.

In US, more than 99% of companies are small businesses, employing about half of the workforce. An analysis by the Wall Street Journal found that within a few days of mid-March 2020, when the pandemic began to force Americans to be locked up, Internet usage soared by 25%. Since then, the no. of people who have been visiting websites, video chatting, streaming, video gaming and connecting to social networks have been record breaking. Many companies are going more ‘digital’ and are seeking industry experts to frame their marketing strategies in the renewed scenario. An unexpected outcome of Covid-19 is that companies are actively accelerating digital transformation, leading to:

  • Reallocation of their SEO budget
  • Work from home practice
  • Changes in customer perceptions
  • Fluctuations in sales volume and changes in online traffic

With the emerging new normal scenario, sales and marketing areas of the organizations are facing several challenges. The need of the hour is to think through creative and innovative marketing strategies and practices that will help the business to grow and succeed in the emerging scenario.

Today, we are in the fourth industrial revolution, which is digitally driven. Intelligent digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics and robotics have the power to reshape the way we work & do business, and the way the companies interact with customers and the world.  Covid-19 is the first major global crisis since digital marketing became the mainstream of promotional strategy. During the past one-year Covid-19 has impacted digital marketing in line with changing consumer preferences and needs.  This is where business has to adapt to change rather quickly.

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