Data-driven marketing is the strategy of using customer information for optimal and targeted media buying and creative messaging. The use and activation of data, often automated or semi-automated, enables a significantly optimized media and creative marketing strategies.

The emerging new normal for marketing is multi-disciplinary, integrated and data-driven: using market insights to meet the demands of increasingly changing and uncertain customer behaviors. Data-driven marketing works best in agile environments, where teams can test and iterate in sprints. However, with nearly two-thirds of employees working from home, marketing managers find it difficult to create an effective pace.

An innovative customer agreementWe propose a marketing paradigm that allows for deep, authentic and appropriately personal connections with people. This change is about using data analytics to improve customer experience and build customer proximity. Marketing departments must align their customer relationships with increasingly relevant, contextual and personalized services, content and products that are provided in exchange for access to customer personal data.

Experience-led business– This is essentially the new normal for marketing: An implicit agreement by customers to share more data in exchange for a higher level of personalization, value, and convenience.  To enable this approach, a high degree of marketing automation is required, in which services, campaigns, content, and products can be orchestrated at any time through the many dynamic components. The result is powerful experiences that reach the clients on a deeply personal level.

Our new normal marketing helps one to identify the company’s marketing strengths to prioritize focus areas within the various dimensions regarding employees, operations, and products. This can be achieved by hiring and taking the advice of a market research expert in UK. It becomes necessary to take the assessment today and start transforming one’s business toward data-driven marketing.

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