The term competitive advantage refers to a distinct advantage that a company has over other companies that provide similar goods and services. The data and technology revolution has created many new business opportunities while also posing new threats to businesses.

No matter how adept and competent a Company is at the day-to-day tasks required by its industry, a sizable portion of the company’s success will always be determined by how innovative it is. When it comes to competitive business and digital marketing strategies, technology may not be the first place a company thinks to look, but it’s current information technology solutions should be.

  • Using information technology to gain a new perspective- It will assist in taking the customer’s perspective in a business and asking how the information system would be designed to enhance customer experience and thus make the customers happier with a company’s product or quality service.
  • Using technology to increase buyer power for a specific product or service- The company will require technology tools to draw customers’ attention to their services or products. The internet is being used to promote rewards and coupons to its customers. Customers will direct their attention to one’s services or products as a result of these offers, keeping the company ahead of the competition.
  • Using technology to reduce supplier power- Technological tools such as the internet can assist a company in locating more suppliers in their niche.
  • Using software to speed up the business’ process – Integrating software into one’s own business can help the business owners seamlessly follow up with customers, manage complaints, and organise their customers based on their spending habits.
  • Using technology to create entry barriers-The company must use technology to create entry barriers into its market. If the market is so easy to enter, the business will not last long. Entry barriers make it more difficult for competitors to enter a specific market.

The emerging technology will provide actionable insights and assist businesses in developing long-term competitive advantages that other businesses are unaware of. This can be achieved by hiring and taking the advice of a professional business consulting service provider. This achievement could become a company’s long-term competitive advantage, giving it an advantage over competitors for years to come.

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